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FairPrice Group launches Food Folks @ Lau Pa Sat, a ‘Purpose-Driven Retail’ space focusing on supporting (Annex B)

1. Retail products EXCLUSIVE to Food Folks

No.Retail BrandName of Product
1EDENSMala Shiitake Chips, crunchy mushroom chips packed with the distinct spicy flavour.
2RedDot BrewhouseSingapore Sling Beer, a twist to the iconic classic cocktail.

2. Food Folks CO-BRANDED products

No.Retail BrandName of Product
1Crafted with Fossa Chocolate Lychee Dragon Fruit Dark Chocolate, a decadent treat bursting with tropical flavour.
2Brewed with The 1925 Brewing Co.Lemongrass Pale Lager, a refreshing nod to the brand’s Singaporean roots and tailored to suit the local palate.
3Designed with Artisan BricksChilli Crab Magnet and Iced Gem Biscuits Magnet are charming mini art collectibles inspired by Singapore’s food culture and made with LEGO bricks.
*These products are only available in limited stocks, so grab them early!