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Good meals in Bukit Panjang at a good price!

31 July 2015

Residents in Bukit Panjang thronged the long-awaited hawker centre run by NTUC Foodfare when it opened for business at the end of December 2015. And, they have been coming back in droves since.

Mr Yang Kai Sheng, 25, said, “Our area so needs a new food centre… Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre has a lot of food and a great array of dishes. I especially love the western stall and visit it weekly.” He had visited the hawker centre within the first week that it opened, and has now become a regular. Another regular customer is Mr Rajini Sriraman, 37, who goes there for lunch and packs food home for dinner. “I like the variety and it gives me options.”

The 28 stalls at the hawker centre sell a wide variety of cooked food and drinks including local favourites such as fishball noodles, chicken rice, mee goreng, as well as more exotic cuisines like Vietnamese pho to cater to residents from day to night. Prices are moderated to ensure affordability, and the prices for two basic dishes per stall are capped to help the price-conscious.

Said Mdm Juliana Bte Haron, 35, who visits the hawker centre three times a week: “I used to go to Greenwich Plaza for chicken rice. But, the price there is pretty steep. So, when Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre opened, I gravitated to the more affordable option here as the taste is pretty similar.”

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