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We Are NTUC Enterprise

As the social enterprises of the community in Singapore, we care for the working people and are committed to improving the lives of families in Singapore. We provide accessible and affordable products and services to meet a wide range of social needs.

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NTUC FairPrice
NTUC First Campus
NTUC Foodfare
NTUC Health
NTUC Income
NTUC LearningHub

Always By Your Side, Because You Matter

Our social enterprises are dedicated to improving the everyday lives for every Singaporean. Whether you’re looking for programmes to enhance your family’s quality of life, seeking out enriching support initiatives, or simply looking to save on dining and groceries, we’re here for you.

  • Stretch Your Dollar

    Discover the initiatives that provide rebates, discounts and privileges, which help Singaporean families benefit from significant savings.

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  • Eldercare

    They took care of our future, so now it's our turn to help look out for theirs. We believe in giving back to our Merdeka and Pioneer Generations.

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  • Financial Well-being

    Encouraging Singaporeans to lead financially independent lives and build healthy savings habits, no matter their financial situation.

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  • Lifelong Learning

    Delivering learning opportunities for Singaporeans of all ages. Meeting the needs of children and adults via varied education options throughout our community.

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Because Good Things Must Share

We care, and we want to share.
Discover the stories and initiatives behind our social enterprises’ impact on Singapore’s society.

Media Releases

NTUC Enterprise brings communities closer and continue to empower Singaporeans to lead fulfilling lives. Learn how we change the lives of Singaporeans today.