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NTUC Enterprise is the holding entity and single largest shareholder of the NTUC Enterprise group of social enterprises. NTUC Enterprise aims to create a greater social force to do good by harnessing the capabilities of its social enterprises to meet pressing social needs in areas like health and eldercare, childcare, daily essentials, cooked food and financial services. Serving over 2 million customers annually, NTUC Enterprise wants to enable and empower all in Singapore to live better and more meaningful lives.

The NTUC Enterprise group of social enterprises are: NTUC FairPrice, NTUC First Campus, NTUC Foodfare, NTUC Health, Income Insurance, Kopitiam, NTUC LearningHub, NTUC Link and Mercatus.

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Early Beginnings

In the early years post-independence, Singapore was an economic backwater, trying to find its footing as nation-building state. Jobs, housing, food and daily essentials, inflation and social security were major concerns.

The idea of social enterprises was first conceived at the Modernization Seminar in 1969 to meet the needs of the Singapore community in areas such as life insurance and essential consumer goods. This set the stage for the setting up of our social enterprises.

Since the establishment of our first social enterprise, we have remained steadfast to our mission in serving the needs of our community. Today, we support individuals and families in a wide area of social needs: moderating prices of essential goods and services to enhancing basic financial security to caring for three-generational families – all while bringing these services closer to your neighbourhoods.

Leveraging the power of the group, we aim to provide better value, build better lives and create a better future for our community.

Our History

Our Core Priorities

Our core concerns are: the rising cost of living, ageing, health and social mobility. To address these critical issues, our core priorities were developed with the objective of providing an integrated suite of services and initiatives throughout the population’s lifecycle. These core priorities are our vision as a group, and they guide us in everything we do.

Deliver Value
Support Ageing-in-place
Impact Healthy Outcomes
Enable Social Mobility