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All-Rounded Education Without the Hefty Price Tag

23 July 2015

Three-year-old Sophie enjoys her time at My First Skool with her teachers and friends. She especially enjoys her Chinese lessons.

“We don’t speak much Chinese at home. But, because of the teachers here, Sophie is speaking to me in Chinese,” said Mrs Gillian Tay, Sophie’s mother.

Mrs Tay opts to send Sophie to My First Skool because she knows that they are highly trained in the field of Early Childhood Education, and she trusts them with her daughter’s education.

It also helps that quality education at My First Skool does not come with a hefty price tag. Mrs Tay said, “My First Skool is definitely one of the most affordable preschools around. Personally, I don’t feel that there’s much value-added with those branded, more expensive preschools. What’s most important to me is that she’s having fun at school, and through having fun she’s learning as well”.

My First Skool also gets parents to be involved in their children’s progress. It has created a smartphone ‘app’ “My First Skool Parent Portal”, for parents to find out what their child has learned or what activities they have done for the day.

This is especially useful for Sophie’s father, who works long hours and is unable to meet Sophie’s teachers about her progress regularly. With the app, he is clued in on Sophie’s learning experience in school.

Mrs Tay shared that when a new preschool opened up near their home, she had casually asked Sophie if she would like to switch to the school instead. Sophie said ‘no’ because she loved her teachers and her fellow classmates at My First Skool.

“To me that’s the validation that I’ve chosen the right school for her, and it’s the right place for her to be,” said Mrs Tay.

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