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The Freedom to be Mobile

30 July 2015

Eighty-five year-old Mdm Fong Cher Li, a resident at NTUC Health’s Nursing Home in Jurong, currently undergoes active rehabilitation. She works hard to keep up with exercise and therapy because she knows it is important. “I practise walking with my walking frame every day, up and down the corridor,” she said. “I know I must do my daily exercise so that I can continue walking.”

Senior Principal Physiotherapist Ms Yong Limin shared, “Our residents who are undergoing rehabilitation are mainly very frail older persons and are at a low functional level. They are trapped in the vicious cycle of insufficient daily functional activities which leads to further functional deterioration. Hence, our therapy aims to help them regain the confidence to be mobile and active again.”

The nursing home uses equipment with advance technology such as anti-gravity treadmill, weight-support system and wearable robotic walking device in its therapies. These technologies make a big difference, as they increase the intensity of the therapy interventions safely, and meets the frail elders’ active rehabilitative needs. It aids in quicker and better recovery.

“It’s very heartening to see frail elderly patients having the confidence to stand up again and take their first steps after therapy,” said Li Min. “Ultimately, what we want is for our elders to be able to live and move about in the community with less care burden, so they can lead more independent lives as long as possible.”

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